2019 WREN Conference

The 2019 WREN Conference for Lifelong Learning in Your Practice will be occurring on Friday, September 13 at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health in the Health Sciences Learning Center, Room 1345. 

The conference will discuss the importance of practice-based research in the primary care setting, followed by physicians providing their perspectives on adding meaning to your practice through program development. Topics will include intellectual curiosity as the basis for practice to research, maintaining work-life balance, and a residency experiences with an innovative research project. Next, a panel of practicing physicians and a medical student will discuss how they wove research activities into their professional lives. 

At the conference attendees can look forward to learning why practice-based research can be used as a major benefactor. You can learn why it is needed to create the best evidence to care for patients, how participation in practice-based research adds value to your practice experience and can help avoid motivational burnout, and also the role it plays in creating meaningful and lasting relationships with communities. 

You can register for the conference online until September 4th. Consider taking the afternoon to learn steps that you can take to become a lifelong learner in your practice.

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