AHEC Alumni Board Spotlight: Aimee Gillespie

For this month’s spotlight, we are highlighting a student who has participated in our Community Health Internship Program (CHIP) and currently serves as the President of the AHEC Alumni Board. Learn more about Aimee’s involvement with AHEC and her plans for the future.

Where are you from?
Eau Claire, Wisconsin

What school are you attending/did you attend?
I am attending the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. For my major, I am studying political science and for my minor, public health.

Where do you work/what is your profession?
I plan to apply to an Americorps VISTA position upon graduation.

What are your hobbies, interests, or activities?
In my free time, I like to read, play my cello, tutor, and spend time with my dog.

How were you affected by your participation in an AHEC program? 
While working as an intern at the Eau Claire City-County Health Department, I learned the most about how housing affects health outcomes, and the role of public health in ensuring that properties are safe for tenants and homeowners. I also had the opportunity to shadow several other roles within the department, including restaurant food safety inspectors, and public health nurses.

Why did you decide to serve on the AHEC Alumni board of directors?
I decided to serve on the AHEC Alumni board of directors because I wanted to gain experience in working with a statewide organization dedicated to public health!

What’s something you hope to accomplish or impact during your term?
I hope to introduce students to the field of public health and related health careers, and connect them with relevant experience to benefit themselves and their community.

What would you like other AHEC Alumni members to know about the AHEC Alumni association?
There is an AHEC Alumni board member in every region of Wisconsin, and we work to coordinate special events in your area!

What are your future plans? How do you want to impact the health or Wisconsin?
I plan to obtain my Master’s Degree in Public Health (MPH), and specialize in public health policy and administration. I hope to improve preventative health measures, as well as healthcare access and quality through a policy-level approach.

If you have participated in any of AHEC’s signature programs (at least 40 hours), and are interested in learning more about our AHEC Alumni, please visit: https://ahec.wisc.edu/ahec-alumni/