AHEC Alumni Board Spotlight: Keelie Heck

For this month’s spotlight, we are highlighting a student who has participated in our Wisconsin Express program and currently serves as the Northwest Regional Representative on the AHEC Alumni Board. Learn more about Keelie’s involvement with AHEC and her plans for the future.

Where are you from?
Green Bay, Wisconsin

What school are you attending/did you attend?
I am attending the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire and studying biology.

Where do you work/what is your profession?
I currently work at a restaurant where I go to school, but I also volunteer in the surgery center at Mayo Clinic.

What are your hobbies, interests, or activities?
I enjoy working out and being active, hanging out with friends family and my little puppy, as well as enjoying time outdoors.

How were you affected by your participation in an AHEC program? 
I participated in Wisconsin Express in Eau Claire over spring break last year. The experience was more rewarding than I ever thought imaginable. Our focus was on the elderly population and veteran population. I was never interested in the care for the elderly population, but shortly after the emersion week I looked into getting my CNA and working within a veteran home. The program itself opens your eyes to other areas of study, it has helped me become more open to exploring many fields.

Why did you decide to serve on the AHEC Alumni board of directors?
I wanted to continue my experience with AHEC, so once I saw the application I had to send mine in.

What’s something you hope to accomplish or impact during your term?
I hope to spread the word about what the AHEC alumni association is and help connect and involve the members within their region more.

What would you like other AHEC Alumni members to know about the AHEC Alumni association?
I would like them to know that there is so many endless possibilities through the association. Whether it be making connections from other undergrads going through the same career path as you or contacting a member who is now in the workforce. Also that there is always something more you can get involved with.

What are your future plans? How do you want to impact the health or Wisconsin?
My future plans would be to attend medical school within the next two years, maximum. I would like to go into Pediatric Oncology, but I do not want to limit myself until I explore many other specialties as well. My overall goal would be to make an impact on a human life for the better whether it be through research or treatment.

If you have participated in any of AHEC’s signature programs (at least 40 hours), and are interested in learning more about our AHEC Alumni, please visit: https://ahec.wisc.edu/ahec-alumni/