HPV Efforts Furthered by Collaboration with Partners to Reach Providers

WASHINGTON D.C. – Studies consistently show that a strong provider recommendation from healthcare providers is the single best predictor of HPV vaccination. Aubrey Stetter-Hesselberg, an HPV Coordinator at Scenic Rivers AHEC, oversees Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin for the NAO HPV Immunization Project and has been connecting with providers, healthcare professionals, and health facilities that deal directly with HPV vaccinations in an attempt to improve the rates in the region. Now beginning year four of the HPV Immunization Project grant, over 2,200 people have participated in educational sessions. During year one of the grant, Aubrey coordinated two webinars and one live HPV education session.

Beginning year four of the grant, over 2,200 people have participated in HPV immunization educational sessions.

Continuing efforts in year two of the grant, Wisconsin collaborated with the American Academy of Pediatrics Wisconsin Chapter to host two HPV Vaccine Summits, both aimed to improve HPV immunization rates throughout the state. These summits were held in May in both Wausau and Milwaukee. In total, these two summits brought together 200 Wisconsin HPV providers. Aubrey also built relationships in Iowa and Minnesota delivering educational programming through webinars and at conferences.

In year three, partnering with the American Cancer Society in Minnesota, over 100 providers participated in educational sessions focused on increasing HPV immunization rates through strong provider recommendation. In Iowa, participation in the HPV and Cancer Conference engaged over 100 Iowa healthcare professionals. The project continues to offer monthly webinars and build relationships to reach new providers and professionals.

Partnership and collaboration are crucial for making a widespread impact and significant change. With such momentous work being done throughout the region around the common goal of increasing HPV vaccination rates, it is vital to deliver evidence based information to providers if we are to make longstanding differences. Contact Aubrey Stetter-Hesselberg, ahesselberg@scenicriversahec.org, for more information.