Wisconsin AHEC Receives Notice of Award: Program Awarded $11.8 Million for Five Years (2017-22)

WASHINGTON D.C. – The Wisconsin Area Health Education Center (AHEC) has received notice of award for the 5-year renewal of the statewide program.

Wisconsin AHEC scored an unprecedented 96 (of 100) on the application.

Comments from the HRSA reviewers:

“The applicant clearly documents the significant unmet needs in rural, lower socioeconomic and under-served areas and populations throughout the state.”

“The proposed project embraces an innovative inter-locking approach to addressing community primary care health professionals training, and workforce needs focusing on Cultural Diversity, Distribution (particularly in rural areas), and Practice Transformation.”

Increase diversity and improve distribution of primary care providers while developing and maintaining a health workforce that will deliver high quality care in rural and under-served communities and areas.

Increase diversity via implementing college programming and supporting pipeline programs via strategic partnerships

Improve distribution via interprofessional training and community-based experiential training

Support practice transformation through alignment of strategic partnerships and advancing innovative evidence-based interventions and practices

Education and training activities
Strategic partnerships
Statewide evaluation and activities
AHEC Scholars Program
Statutory Requirements