2014 CHIP Mentor Spotlights

Linda Conlon (Oneida County Health Department / Northern Highland AHEC region)

Oneida County Health Department values hosting CHIP interns for several reasons:

To foster an environment and learning experience that promotes population-based health care through promotion and education initiatives and behavior-change programs in a variety of settings for the diverse populations represented in Oneida County.

To offer opportunities for the intern to grow professionally. Specifically including the areas of developing, implementing, and evaluating programs and public health initiatives; establishing, leading and maintaining community partnerships; and managing work plans and timelines.

To pique the interest of the next generation in public health.

To educate the intern about the dynamic nature of public health and to learn how to respond to the ever-changing environment.

Health Departments benefit from interns in many ways:

Interns bring a new perspective to our projects, environment and staff. Their ideas and energy are awesome!

Public Health in general benefits from these young adults, soon to be out in the healthcare workforce, learning and living public health for a summer.

We develop lasting relationships with interns and take pride in providing references and assisting them in obtaining jobs. Many times, I have given references years later!

I think what I have found the most rewarding is knowing we are a part of our interns’ professional growth. We are so happy to provide great experiences for our interns—to assist in growing their professional skills and their view of public health.