Shapefile Maps

Two versions of the Wisconsin Health Service Areas (HSA) have been developed – one built on municipal and civil divisions and another built on zip codes. The files below are available for those who are interested in mapping data to either or both of these geographies.

The two Excel spreadsheets below show every MCD and zip code in Wisconsin and their corresponding Wisconsin HSA number, name and region. Using ArcGIS, the spreadsheets can be “joined” to the Wisconsin-specific shapefiles that were extracted from MCDS and ZCTA shapefiles available through the U.S. Census.

To map MCD-based data, join the PlaceGeoId2 field in the “Wisconsin-HSA-with-Geo-ID-MCD” spreadsheet to the STFID field in “gf_mcds_census_2010Polygon” shapefile. To map zip code-based data, join the ZCTAtext field in the “Wisconsin-HSA-with-Geo-ID-ZCTA” spreadsheet to the ZCTA5CE10 field in “wi_zip” shapefile. The files can also be used to aggregate data from individual MCDs or Zip Codes for each Wisconsin HSA and then mapped using the “WIHSAshape” and WIHSAvia ZCTA” shapefiles.