Current Activities in each U.S.
Congressional District:

All districts:
AHEC PCC Community Projects - with statewide list of partners

District 1:
Southeastern Wisconsin

District 2:
South Central Wisconsin AHEC
AHEC/PCC Community Projects - with list of partners in District 2

District 3 (Western WI):
Scenic Rivers AHEC
North Central AHEC

District 4: Milwaukee Area

District 5: (Waukesha Area)
South Central AHEC
Milwaukee AHEC

District 6: Central WI

District 7: (Northern WI)
North Central WI AHEC
Northern Highland WI AHEC
Northwest WI AHEC

District 8: (Eastern WI)
Northeastern WI AHEC
Northern Highland WI AHEC

page updated March 19, 2014