National Health Service Corps Programs

  • NHSC Programs for Students
  • NHSC Scholars

The NHSC offers a competitive scholarship program designed for students committed to providing primary health care in communities of greatest need. Scholarship recipients serve where they are most needed upon completion of their training. The program offers the following benefits for up to 4 years of education:

  • Payment of tuition and fees
  • Twelve monthly stipend payments per year of scholarship
  • Payment of other reasonable educational expenses, such as books, supplies and equipment

National Nurse Service Corps
A new federal program, the National Nurse Service Corps, has recently been authorized. When funded, it will provide scholarships for students in baccalaureate-degree nursing programs in return for a service obligation of at least two years at a health care facility with a critical shortage of nurses.

NHSC Loan Repayment Programs (NHSC-LRP)
The NHSC also offers loan repayment programs for health professionals who will practice in a designated rural or urban health professions shortage area (HPSA). An NHSC loan can provide up to $50,000 for a two-year obligation. In addition to loan repayment, these clinicians receive a competitive salary, some tax relief benefits, and a chance to have a significant impact on a community. Visit the National Health Service Corps website at

NHSC Programs for Communities
The NHSC helps communities to recruit and retain health professionals committed to serving in the communities that need them the most by placing NHSC scholars and loan-repayers in qualifying communities. The NHSC helps communities recruit primary care physicians (family practice, internal medicine, and pediatrics) as well as physicians trained in obstetrics and gynecology and general psychiatry, primary care nurse practitioners and physician assistants, certified nurse midwives, dentists, dental hygienists and mental or behavioral health professionals. In order to be eligible for NHSC assistance, sites must be located in a designated health professions shortage area (HPSA), serve high-need urban or rural populations, accept Medicaid/Medicare assignment, maintain a discounted fee schedule assuring no financial barrier to care for those at or below 200 percent of the federally designated poverty level, function as a part of a system of care assuring access to the full continuum of services and maintain full-time practice hours.


  • The Wisconsin Office of Rural Health can help communities seeking to qualify for NHSC Programs and NHSC scholars and loan-repayers seeking placement. Contact the WORH at (608) 265-3608.
  • The Wisconsin Primary Care Office (PCO) in the Division of Public Health also helps with the application process and forwards recommendations on shortage area designations to the federal agency responsible for shortage designations. For additional information contact the Division of Public Health, Primary Care Section at (608) 264-6528.