Chronic Preventive Care Rotation (CPC)

Community engagement projects for 3rd year medical students (UWSMPH)

The CPC community Engagement project serves as a vital thread in the UW School of Medicine and Public Health’s (UW SMPH) transformation. All 3rd-year UW SMPH medical students participate during their Chronic and Preventive Care Block.


Community partners located throughout the state of Wisconsin with appropriate projects are identified by AHEC regional site coordinators. The types of projects can include: health careers mentoring, health education in school or community settings, enhancing access to health care, or ongoing health initiatives. Each medical student is placed in one of the approved community settings and provides a service to fill a need identified by the community partner.


The CPC students are required to actively participate in the project over 12 weeks. It is necessary to remain professional while serving as a representative of both the University of Wisconsin and Wisconsin AHEC. A peer presentation (recorded) and reflective paper are completed by each student at the end of the project.

Academic Goals:

Each student will have the opportunity to observe health disparities for specific populations and identify public health topics. From these experiences, students will gain insights and skills during their projects that are important to future patient care.


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