IP Case Competition Questions


I would like to remind all student teams that this competition will have many options for answers, there is no one correct answer, the idea for this competition is to help students work within teams and learn the many concepts of IP education, collaboration and practice while looking for a healthcare solution.

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How big is the clinic in Delvile, where Dr. Jones works?

Delvile has a total population of 800 people.  The health clinic will be small, meaning it will consist of one building (might be somewhere in the range of about 2400 square ft- the size of a small home), you are welcome to compare towns in WI with similar population to see the size of their clinic.

What format should our summary be in?

Your written summary can be in either APA or MLA format, which ever your team is most familiar with using. Font: You are welcome to use any readable font as long as it is not less than 12pt.  Spacing: is also up to your group, this summary is more about your content and ideas for patient care/health care solutions of the case. Size of font: You are welcome to use any readable font as long as it is not less than 12pt.

How much of the demographic background should be included in the summary or is that information that is already assumed as known to the audience?

Your judging audience will be well versed in the case, so you do not need to add in case demographic background.