Interprofessional Case Competition (IPCC)

Applications for the 2021 IPCC are now closed. We invite you to learn more about our event to join us next year: IPCC Flyer 2021


This annual event hosted by Wisconsin AHEC invites students from any Wisconsin college/university to compete in a case competition. Teams will have two months to work together on a case study and submit their entry prior to the competition event. Each team will conduct an analysis of interprofessional efforts during the care of a patient/client. At the end of the process, your team will present your findings to a panel of judges representing various disciplines in the community of Wisconsin’s healthcare professionals.

Students’ comments on the Case Competition

“I enjoyed getting to hear the different perspectives of my group members the most throughout our preparation. Even though we had taken many of the same classes together, we had different majors and different approaches to problem solving. It was a good experience that I will continue to refer back to as I continue on in school and in my professional career.”

“I enjoyed having the opportunity to complete an IP root-cause analysis. This is not an opportunity I would have had in school, so it was very beneficial.”

“Working together in a team allowed for us to build relationships, improve our weaknesses and use each other’s strengths.”

“I liked the challenge of the case and even more importantly, the ambiguity of the expectations. This open box approach helped push creativity.”

“I liked the critical thinking that was necessary when looking at the case study and enjoyed the opportunity to improve my public speaking techniques for the presentation.”

“I have increased my confidence in working with individuals that I don’t know. As well, I am more likely to seek outside opinions when determining ‘best’ practice solutions.”

Students’ comments on the IP Village

“It was great to be able to network with many different professionals while learning more about how our professions overlap in the clinical setting.”

“All of the professionals were very friendly. I really enjoyed meeting them, learning about their professions and goals, and having a conversation.”

“I enjoyed the opportunity to learn why these individuals were passionate about what they do, how they got there, what hopes they have for the future of their profession, and learning more about how their profession interacts with other health care professionals.”

“I gained experience that will help me communicate with other students who are in different professions than me. This opportunity helped me gain a sense of understanding about what other professionals do.”